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#1 ReCreators

2016. július 05. - grtszb

Play it back, see the details and create  something new. Use everyday materials and find the little gems around you. This is ReCreations.

The first things that come to one's mind when it comes to recycling are usually the colorful little bins that follow us along the roads, the way to home. This time the emphasis is put not so much on recycling, but on re-creation, the charming idea of deconstruction and the creative process of creation.This is what happens when you look at your old socks and what you see are pupets, or when you try on your grandmother's skirt form '75 and it fits so well that you will never want to wear another piece.

If you are sick of throwing away beloved jumpers, love creativity and creaCtivity, if you always have some spare glitter and beads in your pockets, and pliers were your favourite childhood toys, you are at the right place!

I consider this page an inspiring collection of ideas, that can make your life better, your environment lively, and helps to get rid of the surplus energy boiling inside your creative-self.

This, and much more is coming here in different forms and shapes. If you are interested in more, you can also find us HERE